Love And Romantic Relationship

Relationship is one of the key factors in the survival of living being including humans. The mankind faced many disasters with bravery and achieved many feats just because of this key factor. The future of mankind also is depended on single word ‘relationship’.

There are many types of relationship which exist among humans but only one relationship type has been very important to almost everyone since the evolution of mankind. It is known as intimate relationship.

Intimate relationship is termed by these following characteristics: regular contacts, emotional connection, need fulfillment, and lasting behavioral interdependence. It is natural in humans to see the need to love and to be loved. An intimate relationship fulfills this need. Intimate relationships bring a person into a social network of people where that person feels strong emotional attachments to them. That person finds himself/herself being cared for and as a necessary part of the network.

It takes two persons to form an intimate relationship with each other. An intimate relationship is formed when the two persons create a lasting bond between them. This happens when they imply good conversation, openness, transparency and commitment in their relationship. Generally this kind of bond is known as love. The relationship formed by love is known as romantic relationship.

In a romantic relationship, the presence of love is very essential. Since a romantic relationship is intimately physical and emotional, evaluating it entirely based on love is not only tricky but impossible. You will find two types of love in a relationship. They are:

Passionate love
Compassionate love

In most romantic relationships, you will find passionate love. Passionate love is mainly accompanied by obsession, excitement and lust. This kind of love needs to be recharged often by reuniting with the partner. Otherwise, the chances are there that love will diminish and the romantic relationship will break-up soon.

On the other hand, compassionate love is strengthened by lasting bond, affection, mutual commitment and caring, and admirable communication. A romantic relationship which is built on compassionate love will hardly ever break-up.

There are many reasons for a romantic relationship to break-up. The reasons could be any but what really matters is to figure out the exact reason and take a proper action to save the romantic relationship. But is it really possible to save a broken-up romantic relationship? Yes! It is absolutely possible.

You can patch up with your boyfriend if you are a girl, or you can patch up with your girlfriend if you are a boy; even both of you are broken-up with each other. But you should know how to make proper moves. In addition, you must always remember that it takes sincere commitment, lots of patience and mental strength. Hence, it is not impossible to get back your boyfriend or girlfriend whom you still adore and care for.

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