How to patch up with girlfriend / tips to patch up with girlfriend

Tips to patch up with girlfriend

At the start of a new relationship, a boy and girl will try to adjust to each other and make the other person comfortable. After a while, as with all relationships, there will be ups and downs. Misunderstandings creep in and fights start. In the heat of the moment, both the boy and the girl decide to break up. After a few days (or hours), the boy may want to reconsider this decision. Here are some tips to patch up with your girlfriend.

– Analyze what went wrong. With a clear head, think about the reason for the fight and the subsequent break-up. Do not let your ego get in the way.

– Be prepared to apologize. Even if it was not entirely your fault, a genuine apology without any signs of neediness, will work wonders towards a patch up with your girlfriend. She will appreciate your efforts at understanding the technique of give and take in every relationship. When you finally do apologize, look her in the eye and say what you mean. This may prompt her to admit to her part in the break-up too.

– Do not rush into anything. Both of you require space and time to think things over. Do not do anything that you will regret later or that is too extreme. Calm down. Give yourselves time to once again build up the trust that you shared before the break-up.

– Do not show your neediness. Allow her to see that you can do without her, but that you are concerned about her and the relationship. Being emotional at this time will not work in your favour. Even if you feel frustrated and are depressed over the entire issue, as far as possible avoid appearing needy. Talk to your girlfriend casually, as you would with any other friend. This will enable her to relax when she is in your presence and she will not feel stressed.

– Be prepared to change. Show her that you are willing to make the effort to save the relationship. This will help you to regain her trust and increase her faith in the relationship.

– Allow her to have her say. She may want to yell at you and vent her frustration with you and the relationship. Do not pretend that you do not know what she’s talking about. When she calms down, tell her how you both can change and patch up your relationship.

– Say what’s on your mind. Be honest. Your girlfriend will want you to be transparent about your feelings. Discuss the problem and some possible solutions. Be patient and calm. Your trust and sincerity will ease her mind and help secure her heart.

Trust, love and communication are the most important factors in a relationship. Your girlfriend needs to know that you care and that you are giving her time to deal with the issue on her own. If both of you let go of the past and agree to start afresh, you can have a beautiful relationship together.

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