How to get a man to commit

How to get a man to commit and how to make him want you

Why Won’t He Commit?

Contrary to what most women think, men are not afraid of commitment, they are afraid of committing to the wrong woman. So what can you do about it? How can you get a man to commit to you? It’s easy, just be a woman that men adore.

As women we often think that men have all the power when it comes to whether or not we’ll marry or be with a man who wants to commit to us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Using our femininity in just the right way can bring a man to his knees…hopefully with a ring in his hand!

So what can we do to be a woman that men adore? How can we behave in a way that will make any man want to be with us?

So, how to make him want you? Read on.

How to be a woman a man will want to commit to.

In simple terms all you have to do is make him feel good. Make him feel good when he’s with you, make him feel good when he’s not with you but thinks about you. A man will stay with a woman who makes him feel good, but he won’t stay with a woman who doesn’t.

When you’re with him be fun, happy, spontaneous. Don’t nag him, don’t pick fights or belittle him, don’t create drama – men hate drama. Men don’t commit to women who thrive on drama.

You want him to have only good memories of the time he spends with you. You want him walking away from you not being able to wait until he can see you again.

If he talks about his achievements tell him you’re proud of him. At the end of each date thank him and tell him you had a good time. Laugh at his jokes (even the bad ones), and generally be fun to be with.

Be the woman your man will adore

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Why he won’t commit.

If you’re struggling to get men to commit to you take a good long look at how you behave when you’re with your man. Are you doing too much for him? Do you cook his meals, do his laundry, clean up after him? As women we naturally want to take care of people and we think that if we behave like a typical wife our man will see us in that light and want to get us down the aisle as soon as possible, before someone else does. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, men like a bit of a challenge. By nature they are competitive and will value something more highly if they’ve had to work for it. Trying too hard to please a man can be a big turn off for him. Instead of handing yourself to him on a platter try to keep yourself just out of his reach. If he doesn’t know exactly where he stands with you he’ll be intrigued and is likely to make more of an effort with you. He’ll see you as a prize and his competitive nature will make him want to go out and ‘win’ you.

Don’t always be available for him. Have a life of your own, go out with your friends, be busy. If you’re often too busy to take his calls he’ll wonder what you’re doing without him and will be watching the clock until you return his call.

What you should never, ever do is initiate ‘the talk’. Don’t ask him where this relationship is going, or if he thinks about marrying you, or having kids with you. Men hate these kinds of conversations and they can often ruin what was a very good relationship.

How To Tell If He’s Ready To Commit

It’s easy to tell if a man is ready to settle down and commit to you. He will make you a priority in his life, introduce you to his family and friends, talk about the future (one that includes you), let you leave your stuff at his place.

He’ll do everything in his power to make you happy; he’ll go out and get you candy in the pouring rain if you’re craving it, he’ll stock up on your favorite foods when he’s shopping, he’ll give you a back rub after a hard day at work and do it gladly.

He’ll want to spend time with you, even if it means doing things he doesn’t enjoy. He’ll gladly go shoe shopping with you…and hold your purse while you try on pair after endless pair.

He’ll be proud to be with you, even in a bar with his friends. He’ll want to go on weekend trips with you, even romantic ones that he wouldn’t normally dream of doing.

Once you meet a man who is ready to commit you’ll know it without having to ask him; he’ll make it obvious.

Get your man to commit to you and remember – be fun, be happy and make him feel good.

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