Text the romance back

Text the romance back When was the last time you got a romantic text message from that special person in your life, that made you have butterflies in your stomach? Some love messages that made you smile? Or a flirty text message that took your breath away? How about a sexy text message that made [&h...

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Love And Romantic Relationship

Relationship is one of the key factors in the survival of living being including humans. The mankind faced many disasters with bravery and achieved many feats just because of this key factor. The future of mankind also is depended on single word ‘relationship’. There are many types of relationsh...

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How to patch up with girlfriend / tips to patch up with girlfriend

Tips to patch up with girlfriend At the start of a new relationship, a boy and girl will try to adjust to each other and make the other person comfortable. After a while, as with all relationships, there will be ups and downs. Misunderstandings creep in and fights start. In the heat of the moment, [...

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